Oracle Fusion – The Confusion Clears

Last week I was a guest of Oracle, attending a briefing for customers on their applications strategy and product roadmap, held in the rather aptly named Sun Room at the Ivy in Sydney.

The important news is that after 5 years in development, Oracle Fusion Applications are finally nearing GA (General Availabilty). The scope of the Phase 1 release is shown in the graphic below.

As Dataweave is an Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) implementation partner, I had a few concerns. Such as what does this mean for EBS?

Oracle’s Lifetime Support and Apps Unlimited strategies are well publicised, but what about migration and planning for the future. Should we be recommending EBS or Fusion to our new customers?

The answer appears to be that both will be important for a long time. Fusion Applications are being released gradually, and there a number of likely implementation scenarios:

1. Augmentation. An existing E-Business Suite customer can select a new Oracle Fusion module, such as Oracle Fusion Governance Risk and Compliance, and add it to their existing EBS environment. Integration is achieved via Oracle Fusion Middleware.

2. By Pillar. We have a number of customers using EBS who have specifically chosen to avoid using the EBS CRM – because the EBS CRM is (how shall I put this…) not Oracle’s best product. These clients  can now integrate a Fusion CRM Pillar to their EBS without the major implementation effort of an on-premise Siebel CRM implementation. The Oracle Application Integration Architecture Process Integration Pack technology (or AIA PIP – for those who enjoy their daily dose of alphabet soup) already works well in integrating Oracle EBS with Oracle CRM On Demand. I expect this will be the technology platform for the Fusion CRM integration.

3. Complete Adoption. Customers looking to replace existing legacy systems can move to a complete Fusion Applications environment. Australian payroll will not be on the first wave due to our outrageously complex awards system, but Australian Financials will be in the initial release as GST is relatively simple.

In summary I am looking forward to the formal GA release of the core Oracle Fusion Applications later this year. From the initial demos shown, the Fusion Applications make ground breaking use of the latest web technologies, and are already an entire generation ahead of competing enterprise grade software products.


About normanweaver

Norman has 40 years experience of IT and related technologies. He was the founder and Managing Director of the IT Systems Integrator Dataweave Pty Ltd which was acquired by Deloitte in 2015. Norman is also a Director of Synergy & Taikoz Ltd, home of two of Australia's leading percussion ensembles, and a Director of The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, promoting excellence in sailing and supporting disabled and disadvantaged people through sailing.
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