Capitalising on your staff’s Strengths

Capitilise on the Strengths of your TeamOne of the challenges I have in growing my business is finding and retaining great talent. I can across the follwing wisdom from Professor Kim Cameron of the University of Michigan who has been researching businesses for 25 years. It’s common sense maybe but useful to see it confirmed by research.

Capitalizing on Strengths

  • Identifying people’s strengths (and what they do right) and building on them creates more benefit than identifying weaknesses (or what they do wrong) and trying to correct them.
  • Managers who spend more time with their strongest performers (rather than the weakest performers) achieved double the productivity.
  • In organizations where workers have a chance to “do what they do best everyday,” productivity is one and a half times greater than in normal organizations.
  • People who are given feedback on their strengths are significantly more likely to feel highly engaged and to be more productive than people who are given feedback on their weaknesses.
  • Students who are given feedback on their talents have fewer days of absenteeism, less tardiness, and higher GPAs than students who get no feedback on their talents.

Thanks to John Price for sharing this with me.


About normanweaver

Norman has 40 years experience of IT and related technologies. He was the founder and Managing Director of the IT Systems Integrator Dataweave Pty Ltd which was acquired by Deloitte in 2015. Norman is also a Director of Synergy & Taikoz Ltd, home of two of Australia's leading percussion ensembles, and a Director of The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, promoting excellence in sailing and supporting disabled and disadvantaged people through sailing.
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One Response to Capitalising on your staff’s Strengths

  1. Peta Maloney says:

    interesting insights Norm.

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